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Why Learn

Why Learn? Theory of Learning Learning benefits
What do you think is the reason why some people get good jobs, while some compromise. Why some people get more money, while others keep envying. Why some people live in free minds, while some crumble under stress. Learning is actually the key to our self existence. We live because we learn, we learn because we live. We will surely agree that everything that we count as a parameter for success- confidence, attitude, communication, hard work, determination, positive thinking etc., are actually the by-products of learning.
Motivation Behind Learning
  1. Curiosity (internal)
  2. Need/Requirement (most humane)
  3. Aspirations (superficial)

Expert Comments

"Techbuddy is taking brilliant initiatives in the education sector. Their methodologies are really effective and, if followed, can give extraordinary results" - Sanjay Bhasin, CEO Asia Pacific, Innovis Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd.