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Theory Of Learning

TechBuddy's Theory of Relevant Learning:

"Learning happens when your head, hands, and heart are involved."

When any information which gets into our conscious state of mind in the form of knowledge from various resources, can be synced with our sub conscious state of mind, Learning happens. This can be easily done with the development of a self learning habit that focuses on the synergizing mind with our sense organs following an easy 3 step synchronization process.

1) Read-watch-listen (Observe)


2) Write-do (Apply)


3) Speak-talk-teach-discuss (Express)


Thus interests are nurtured, strengths are developed, learning happens and Success is achieved. The complete process is guided & inspired by an inner feeling known as the sense of self achievement.

Expert Comments

"Learning Accelerator Workshop is a good initiative towards spreading of expertise knowledge to students in a people participation mode." - Prof. Sandeep Singh, IIT Roorkee