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"This workshop is the first amazing life changing place I found for which I was searching for past engineering years. The sociey today needs people like you to a greater extend "
Neha Sharma, Student, Learning Accelerator Workshop Techbuddy
"I have experienced different ways of learning in TechBuddy"- 
Anshu Vyas, Student, Learning Accelerator Workshop TechBuddy
"The small small things you have done for all of you have done for all of us. Is really a very great prize for us!!
We can't express our true feeling of happiness which has filled our eyes with tears of happiness your concept of making all of us feel so great is a very nice idea.
With the promise of keep Learning we all wish you great success from all of us :)"
Bhagyashree Sharma, Learning Accelerator Workshop TechBuddy

Expert Comments

"This would bring awareness and help the burgeoning higher education class of our country learn, unlearn and relearn faster" - Dr. Nitesh Nalawa, PhD. MIT Boston