Techbuddy Consulting

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Aditi Mittal

"More than 60% of students don't know about "Area of Interest", through Skill India I want to conduct workshops and Gyan sessions which will help students to have a better understanding of their "Area Of Interest"."

Anup Agarwal

"My "Area Of Interest" is exploring new technologies and sharing it with others, which I want to continue as a Learning India Scholar."

"Bearing a tag of Learning India Scholar always make me feel proud. It's not just a work where you have to give, this work has paid me something very big. Being a part of Learning India Scholar became one of my strongest point at the campus interview."


"I enjoy sharing my knowledge and forwarding awareness among the masses and to guide them to the proper path that i have came across and feel is good for them too. I would still wish to be connected to my mentors i.e. the trio of Techbuddy."


"In colleges students get only theoritical knowledge on different programming languages and platforms which is not enough for them. I want to help them by giving a practical knowledge which will help them in implementation of those technologies."


"Knowledge is the key to success, which I have practically observed during my summer training at TechBuddy and therefore I want to share knowledge with my fellow mates and with my juniors as a Skill India Scholar"