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Learning India Scholarship

"Aspire For Better"

About the Initiative

Learning India Scholarship  is an initiative by TechBuddy Consulting to aspire for a Better & Learned India.

We offer Scholarships to students who believe that a small positive change started at one place can go a long way in realizing the vision of Developed India 2020. A Learning India Scholar is the person who see things more positively, who knows that whatever work he does he has do the best and who firmly believes that contributions is all that matters.

About the Scholarships

A Learning India Scholar takes the responsibility of bringing a positive change in the lives of people around him by organizing events, camps, discussions or an enlightening session. A scholar can choose from among the following:

  1. National Impact: Being a responsible citizen of India it is our duty to make our nation outshine others. By organizing activities like telling people about their rights, helping tourists, spreading awareness about bills passed etc., which strengthen one’s belief in the nation as well as make others proud of being an Indian, comes under National Impact.
  2. Social Impact: The scholar can organize things where the society is benefited at large. Though we understand that society is everything around us but just to help the scholars we count activities which are denting our society in social impact. Just to give some examples doing something for issues like poverty, over-population, for under privileged people, education for poor and so on.
  3. Environmental Impact: Nature is where we live in and it is what we must protect. Activities like planting trees, watering plants around the city, spreading awareness about disposable waste, rain-water harvesting etc. are activities that come under nature level impact.
  4. College/Institute Impact: Where as a student one spends maximum time it is important that we care for it and make every effort to make it better. Anything which a scholar does for betterment of his/her college is counted in college level impact. Some of the activities can be organizing a cleaning drive in the campus, plantation of trees, starting clubs like NSS etc. and so on.
  5. Neighbourhood Impact: We have many memories associated with our neighbourhood of the place we lived in, thus doing something good for them make sense. Activities Like organizing activities for younger and elders, starting central library by collecting books from colony houses, keeping your neighbourhood clean etc. are some of them to speak about.

The scholar must understand that these categorization is only to help them in better planning their journey and all the heads are inter-related for eg. Planting trees in the institute is related to College level Impact and Nature level Impact as well. So scholar are free to choose activities which covered different heads mentioned above.