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Learn India Session

Learn India Session aims to make students realize the importance of Nurturing Strengths based on their Areas of Interests with the self efforts. The session is conducted for students from any background. The session also helps TechBuddy to tailor the program based on the overall level of the students. Following are the key messages of the session: 

employability 1. Self learn to improve your content or knowledge.

2. Define interest, everything that you love doing and work hard to make them your strengths.

3. Read the most beautiful works, write the most awesome stuff, and speak to the great people around.

4. Learn to Apply, Apply to Learn Self convict yourself to sync your current capabilities with your current aspirations.

5. Awards are certificates identify just your achievements, & not your abilities.

6. Grades are important, till you are a fresher.

7. Any day, work 9am-6pm for your college or employer, while 6pm- 9am for yourself.

8. There is no substitute to hard work so try to do your best in every task.

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Expert Comments

"The knowledge was always there, and Learning Accelerator Workshop brings it to the needful. A perfect example of value creation" - Mayank Agarwal, MBA, MIT Boston